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Download from the release page on github.


Set system time via HTTP headers. This allows you to keep the linux system date up-to-date using a standard port commonly not blocked by a firewall in data centers (port 80 or port 443).

Usage of httpdate:
  -host string
        server to retreive date from
  -proto string
        protocol to use (http or https) (default "https")
  -q    disable output to STDOUT and STDERR


Usage is simple, just run like so:

[jaigner@tea ~]$ sudo httpdate -host
date updated successfully

If you need to use HTTP instead of HTTPS, you use the -proto option:

[jaigner@tea ~]$ sudo httpdate -host -proto http
date updated successfully

It can be added as a cronjob to keep system in-sync.

0 0,12 * * * root /usr/bin/httpdate -host -q

The command must be run as root in order to properly update the system time.

Build Requirements

To build and package you need to have Golang and fpm installed.